Consulting Solutions

Globalization Consulting

Design an international aware content architecture and release the potential of your corporate information.

A structured and organized business process defined by your own strategic view will reduce significantly the cost and time-to-market of your product launch or documentation publishing.

We will help you improve your process and integrate efficient and innovative technical solutions that will help you manage your global content.

In addition to the creation of an efficient content management strategy, and deploying a process that will manage technological, linguistic and cultural challenges, Aloxmedia will address globalization and localization issues to get you deliver powerful information to your multilingual and multicultural audiences. We are experts in internationalization issues like: text expansion, selection of icons and graphics, design of databases to handle several character sets and encodings.

Using our knowledge and expertise, we will implement for you a Global Content Strategy to produce a turnkey system that will reduce multilingual release cycles and content management costs.

Content & Multilingual process Audits

Your actual vendors are doing a great job. However, you are lacking control on the management of your content.

can help you get the best of your actual vendors and coordinate multiple resources to work for you or help you build a systemized process to establish the best strategy for handling your content assets. We can also help you establish best procedures to exponentially boost productivity.

Get in control of your content databases, terminology, translation memories. At Aloxmedia we are used to collaborate with your trusted Language Service providers. Establishing best practices and controllable systems is always a good basis for lasting and trustful collaborations between you and your actual providers.

Control, repeatable systems, accuracy in planning estimations and budgets are features of a properly defined global content strategy.

Globalization process & CMS Integration

Your chosen CMS platform probably integrates already globalization features. Use the full potential of all the features that Content Management Systems permit.

CMS suites enable leverage of the content workflow. Integrate your workflow with your translation and localization needs.

Take control of you full Content Lifecycle through expert globalization consultancy.



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