internationalization (i18n)

Internationalization (i18n) Description

Internationalization (i18n) enables a product (typically software or web content) to be correctly prepared for a further localization process and be easily translated and adapted to multiple languages.

Aloxmedia internationalization services range from analysis, testing and getting the software or web products able to support the necessary encoding for multilingual information. Currency formats, date formats, input methods, or other speciic requirements are considered during the internationalization (i18n) phase.

Internationalization (i18n) goals

The main goal of the internationalization process is to reduce the cost of localization, abridge time-to-market and ensure the functionality of your product in target locales and languages.

In order to achieve that result, one of the vital steps is to establish a clear separation between code and content. The sooner this internationalization process is established in the development cycle, less effort will be necessary in further stages.

It is also important to work in the code and establish best procedures and a strategy for creating localization enabled code to get full advantage of your internationalization investment.

Internationalization (i18n) report

After working together with your development team in the analysis of your code and content, and for instance, establishing whether Double-Byte Code Enabling (DBCE) implementation is necessary, results of that analysis are presented in an Internationalization (i18n) report.

Our technical expertise and localization awareness empowers Aloxmedia to audit your product architecture and code. We can advice on how to improve your choices and help you with you encoding to support new languages like cyrillic languages, asian languages, greek, arabic, etc..

Our Internationalization reports typically measures the efforts to separate code and content, to enable the use of locale conventions, to enable double-byte or multi-byte coding, and to develop the required multilingual awareness skills.







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