Localization Engineering

We consider as localization Engineering all technical matters related to the localization or translation of your content.

Localization engineering concepts

During the engineering phase, engineering localization skills are deployed to identify issues related to content translation and provide a solution. Some of the most common issues are problems with double byte characters, character corruption, or text expansion in the resulting target files.
In a software localization project for instance, an early engineering analysis will define and identify the necessary requirements and specifications to ensure correct and complete localization of your product.

Once analysis is completed, translatable content is separated from the code or -for documentation- from the layout. A series of proven methods and tools are used to ensure this extraction process will lead to a proper reintegration of the translated content into your files.

Aloxmedia is used to perform these activities on common development language files like Java, Delphi, C++ or Visual Basic, or markup formats including ASP, XML, PHP and HTML. We have strong expertise with resource files, graphics, images, help files, or documentation formats . We can also work with audio and video (learn more in our Multimedia section).

Aloxmedia works with a close interaction between technical teams and translation teams following strict project management methodology.

Separation of text and layout as part of documentation/web localization

Aloxmedia is used to prepare and extract the text from several desktop publishing applications for an efficient translation of the content. Adobe FrameMaker, Adobe Indesign, are some of the publishing applications where these processes are commonly performed. After translation of these files, text is reintegrated in the original format ensuring the layout of the source file is respected. Desktop publishing in the translated version could still be necessary to mirror the source and correct issues like text expansion, image adaptation, etc..

For common markup formats, localization tools help in the separation of content and code.

Aloxmedia can also help you parse file, create macros and define procedures that will address the localization of specific formats.






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