Localization Tools

Deploying a Global Content Strategy consists of proper coordination of linguistic, project management and engineering processes.

At Aloxmedia, we are experienced with the necessary utilities that will make the localization engineering phase of your projects a success: source control, file management, dialog resizing, compilation, bug tracking and regression activities.
Our engineering ability ensures the adequate localization and translation for elements such as user interface, strings, dialogs, menus. In addition consistency between software and Help, web content, documentation or marketing material is checked.

Our engineering capability also enables us to parse and customize the extraction of translatable text from your product, in specific file formats through creation of macros or tools.

Tools to manage your localization assets

Increase the value of your translation assets: application of the proper tools will ensure a accurate, adequate and repeatable localization process. Leverage your 'content capital' through implementation of the tools that match your business needs. We have a strong experience with common translation tools and standards such as:

Desktop Publishing tools

Aloxmedia can help you with the most common word-processing, page-layout and graphics software. To learn more about our publishing experience please check our Publishing Services section.

An efficient application of technology, rigorous implementation of methodologies and use of proper collaboration tools will get you to increase quality, boost time-to-market turnarounds and considerably improve your Return on Investment in your globalization efforts.





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