Engineering Quality Assurance and Testing

You invest in quality when creating your content and product. The image of your company is at stake with every product launch. Localization process need extensive Quality Assurance checks to ensure the highest quality and avoid discrepancies between your original source and the localized versions of your product and content. Quality Assurance steps are implemented in every phase of the defined workflow to ensure there are no technical bugs.

Engineering QA in Web Localization

Engineering Quality assurance in Web projects is accountable for maintaining your defined layout and coding. In addition to the linguistic controls performed, the engineering QA steps ensure respect for the source code and mirror behavior of translated versions. Engineering steps and Language checks are run in combination to ensure the best quality for your localized content.

Software Localization - Engineering QA

After localized versions are built, systemized quality assurance steps are performed on the final product. This final testing phase is generally performed following clients guidelines and can include several Operating Systems, OS in several languages, and combination with different third-party software. The QA steps make sure cultural, linguistic and technical requirements are met.


















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