Language Solutions

With Aloxmedia, get access to specialized global resources ranging from in-country translators to independent subject matter experts.
Aloxmedia will design for you a turnkey system to have the better team working on your content, managed with proven project management methodology. Expert Project Management, strict resource selection and systemized implementation ensures shortened translation and localization turnarounds and reduced costs.

A Global Content Strategy ensures a simultaneous release of multilingual products. Aloxmedia will build for you a workflow that can be integrated into your content or product development process for a faster time to market and greater return on investment. Our strategic skills will empower your international business, reducing internal costs, through conception and implementation of an efficient process.

Source Editing, Preparation Internationalization and Management of your Translation Assets

A Strategic approach towards your content: making the content clear and easy to translate is of vital importance to get the most of your translations, but specially to significantly reduce the cost of reaching new markets.

Your translation assets include previous translations (source or translation memories), but also glossaries, terminology databases, 'do not translate lists', style guides and guidelines to mention a few. A systemized and strategic management of those translation assets help you take advantage of all the elements to reduce cost and enhance leverage and consistency.

Allowing Aloxmedia to configure a customized strategic approach to organize all your translation assets, enables you to leverage and re-use content, enhance efficiency and productivity, and reduce costs.


Strict and systemized procurement policy for our global team of professional translators, linguists and subject matter experts to guarantee the highest linguistic quality and expertise in our technical translations in even the most demanding subjects such as: Finance sheets, finance reports, medical device manuals, medical IFUs, MSDS, Technical manuals, Instructional books..

Aloxmedia offers a complete solution for a multilingual product launch.

Professional translations for all your communication, where the importance of positioning, style and tone is vital. Aloxmedia is specialized in building a process for the adaptation of your content to international markets, combining the use of local appropriate style with maximum respect for your corporate image and multinational brand.


Localization is the process of adapting a product to the requirements of a specific region, country or language. Aloxmedia offers the necessary advice and creates a collaboration workflow adapted to each client, to ensure a successful delivery of your localized product, on time and within budget.

Building a system and strategy adapted to your needs, will improve your Return on Investment on translation and localization, exponentially enable reuse and leverage of your content assets.

Aloxmedia delivers localization services such as: Software localization, Web site localization, Desktop publishing localization, Multimedia localization...

At Aloxmedia we build turnkey solutions with the highest quality assurance standards performing all the necessary proofreading and editing processes necessary.

Software Localization

Localization of Software includes activities such as extracting text from the software application, translation, translation of graphical elements, engineering, linguistic testing and quality control. It is necessary to always consider local standards and cultural norms, specific target market needs and therefore enable the use of local conventions, time/date displays, measurement systems, numbers, currency and legal conventions, and even character encoding or fonts.

Aloxmedia can handle your software localization needs: user interface (UI), help, database or documentation components. Localization Engineering expertise in major programming languages include C, C++, Visual Basic, Java, or Oracle, Microsoft SQL, DB2 and Access databases.

Web Localization

Implementing a Global Content Strategy to handle the localization of your multinational corporate sites, will click off exceptional performance of the architecture and design of your web site to enable a quicker, repeatable and cheaper solution for your translation needs.

Aloxmedia will boost the potential of your content considering your target market and following the highest technical and quality standards.

Our Localization Engineering skills and expertise in programming languages such as JSP, ASP, XML, HTML, JavaScript, multimedia applications such as Flash linked databases Oracle, SQL, DB2 or Access, will get your web content multilingual.

Linguistic Testing

Aloxmedia, an asset that endues for you an effective collaboration between Language, engineering and project management processes and resources. Language awareness and Technical expertise are employed to ensure, for instance, that translated software is functional and displays correctly in multiple languages. Terminology, one of your most valuable translation assets is checked and verified in your documentation, manuals and help files. Terminology determines your image and identity and needs to be consistent in all your required translations. Linguistic Quality Assurance tests are performed to render linguistic choices are accurate and consistent with your translation assets.

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