Project Management

Project Management approach for content related activities

Aloxmedia helps you design and implement the content strategy that will work for your business. Project Management is our technique for cost control, timeline development, resource procurement and risk management to ensure the results are there as you need them and when you need them.

Professional Project Management permits to focus on the interdependence of the complex phases of a multilingual content project. A Project Management approach enables the creation of standards and processes and reduces the number of tasks, ensuring resources are used in the most effective and efficient manner. That approach will also facilitate to create innovation, planning, organization and strategic control enabling to monitor performance, to analyze and to forecast the results for your project.

Building the proper strategy for your projects will define the plan, the approach and the tactic to put in place the system and framework you need. When used to manage Localization, CMS implementation, Translation, content creation, desktop publishing, voiceover, multimedia projects, or any other content related project, Project Management will enable a system's driven procedure that will guarantee controllable, measurable and repeatable results.

The strategy created for your specific need will become the turnkey solution for the management of your multilingual content, allowing for accurate budgets, control of the process and guaranteed results.

Aloxmedia strictly follows PMI®'s body of knowledge, together with the best practices tested and consolidated for decades in the globalization industry.











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